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We love what we do and we care about you and your family’s health and wellness. Besides the amazing products at great prices, one of the best things about LiveGood Health and Wellness is our incredible team of professionals. We are dedicated to seeking exceptional wellness products at affordable prices, to share with everyone around the world.

Our Goal is Straightforward:

Supporting individuals in achieving and maintaining good health without breaking the bank. Everyone should be able to afford good health.

Livegood Protein PowderOur Dedication

We are dedicated to leading the way in scientific progress and nutritional innovation. Our relentless pursuit of excellence allows us to create world-class products that set the standard in their category. Choose the finest quality offerings on a global level and experience our unrivaled commitment to excellence. Our customers are our guide and they have nothing but great things to say about LiveGood Health!

The LiveGood Mission

Our mission is to deliver products that not only promote well-being but also yield tangible results. We achieve this by using the purest natural ingredients from pristine locations worldwide and utilizing advanced manufacturing facilities to ensure consistent top-tier quality. Our exclusive and potent formulations set us apart from others in the industry.

The LiveGood Health Team

These leaders are responsible for creating this amazing wholesale membership platform. They had a vision and brought it to fruition. Please take a moment to meet the people behind the Live Good brand.

Meet the Team

When you know the team, you know everything about LiveGood Health.
Ben Glinsky, LiveGood CEO

Ben Glinsky

Learn About Ben

With more than two decades of experience as a successful entrepreneur in the Nutritional Supplement industry, Ben possesses the expertise to guide others towards triumph. What truly sets Ben apart is his leading-by-example approach, prioritizing the well-being of others. This very principle served as the sole motivation behind the creation of LiveGood.

Good health necessitates the use of nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, affordability remains a challenge for most people. Moreover, the notion of selling expensive products to friends solely for the benefit of a few individuals at the top of a compensation program presents its own difficulties. Now, people can access affordable products that they need and proudly share them with friends. When he’s not revolutionizing the business world, Ben enjoys coaching his kids’ soccer teams, snowboarding with loved ones, mountain biking, fishing, surfing, and savoring the simple joys of life.

About LiveGood Health

Ryan Goodkin

Director of Product Development
Learn About Ryan

Ryan possesses a distinctive combination of qualifications, holding a doctorate in pharmacy from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a science and nutrition degree from Florida State University. What sets Ryan apart even more than his impressive expertise is his exceptional ability to apply his knowledge to optimize his own well-being and positively impact numerous individuals in need of assistance.

Amidst a sea of available supplements and numerous reputable companies, Ryan exclusively advocates for the products he deems most suitable for his patients.

Ryan, the Director of Product Development at LiveGood Health, has personally crafted every single LiveGood product. With the help of our amazing manufacturers and formulators, Ryan has carefully formulated each product using only the finest ingredients sourced from the purest locations worldwide.

Ryan says, ” I don’t make products to sell. I make products that I want to use.”

Lisa Goodkin, Livegood Team

Lisa Goodkin

Director of Product Education
Learn About Lisa

Lisa not only teaches others how to live a healthy lifestyle, but she also practices what she preaches! She intentionally chooses nutritious foods for herself and her family, and designs fitness routines that maximize their well-being. Lisa prioritizes reducing stress, boosting productivity, and enjoys spending time outdoors with her loved ones. She is a living proof of the positive outcomes when we prioritize our body’s needs!

Lisa is not just a leader who practices what she preaches, but her true uniqueness stems from her passion for helping others. With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, a background in Science and Nutrition, and over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Lisa possesses the knowledge to guide individuals of all fitness levels. Her dedication to educating people about their bodies and optimizing performance is why we feel incredibly fortunate to have her as our Director of Product Education.

Despite her health-conscious lifestyle, Lisa knows how to balance it all. Whether it’s enjoying a glass of wine with friends, indulging in birthday cake with her wonderful children, going cliff jumping with her spouse, or simply playing with her dogs in the backyard, she knows how to have fun. Lisa’s remarkable personality and invaluable contribution to the LiveGood team bring us immense joy and excitement.

Nauder Khazan Livegood

Nauder Khazan

Director of Network Marketing
Learn About Nauder

Nauder, a renowned figure in the network marketing field, has provided guidance, training, and support to countless individuals, enabling them to surpass their own expectations and achieve remarkable success. With an extensive tenure dating back to 1998, Nauder has excelled as a leading authority, high-income earner, mentor, consultant, and company proprietor within the network marketing industry. Few individuals in the world possess a resume as impressive as Nauder’s when it comes to Network Marketing.

Nauder stands apart from other successful earners and company owners in the industry due to his genuine compassion and modesty. Irrespective of a person’s background, tenure, or level of achievement within the company, Nauder readily offers assistance to anyone with the desire to succeed, even those affiliated with different businesses.

Nauder’s leadership extends far beyond the realm of network marketing. He dedicates thousands of hours annually to charitable ministries and empowering underprivileged individuals and families to enhance their lives. Nauder’s actions attest to his unwavering commitment to helping others, truly exemplifying a servant leader.

When he is not engrossed in business endeavors or consulting with fellow leaders and companies, Nauder devotes his time to his loved ones, including his wife Melissa and their five remarkable children. Together, they find joy in serving others, indulging in activities they cherish.